We envision a future for Hawaii in which educational excellence supports innovation, investment and opportunity in a diversity of fields from traditional ones such as organic farming and sustainable fishing to energy, information technology, and scientific research, development and discovery.

Our Programs and Partners

THINK Fund = $1 Million/Year

In 2014, we launched The Hawaii Island New Knowledge (THINK) Fund to better prepare Hawaii Island students to master STEM and to become the workforce for higher paying science and technology jobs in Hawaii’s 21st century economy. Two Hawaii foundations – Hawaii Community Foundation and Pauahi Foundation – were selected to administer THINK Fund distribution in scholarship and grant-making platforms. To date, TMT has distributed $2.5 million: $1,875,000 to THINK at HCF and $625,000 to the Pauahi Foundation.

Programs Supported by THINK Funding

Over $1,085,000 has been invested to date in Hawai’i island students, teachers, schools, and opportunities.

  • Over 8,000 students
  • Over 350 teachers
  • Classroom Grant projects totaling $150,000 launched in 29 schools, 100 classrooms
  • $200,000 in scholarship awards to 50 worthy recipients
  • $400,000 invested in 12 partnership projects across the island
  • After school programs, STEM curriculum development and project-based teams received $200,000

View the full list of programs supported by TMT.

THINK Fund at Pauahi Foundation

Scholarship Programs are the initial focus of THINK Fund at Pauahi Foundation. Eleven outstanding students from Hawaii Island were awarded scholarships totaling $194,000 by the THINK Fund at Pauahi Foundation in 2016. These 11 students join last year’s 10 scholarship recipients ($184,000 in 2015) in receiving scholarships that will provide support for the remainder of their academic college graduate careers. THINK Fund at Pauahi has also funded after school programs at the ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center.

Specific criteria for the THINK Fund at Pauahi Foundation includes being a Hawaii Island resident, major in STEM or STEM-related field including vocational technical fields, full time enrollment, minimum 2.5 GPA and a demonstrated financial need or demonstration of merit achievement in current studies.

Hawaii Workforce Pipeline Program = $1 Million/Year

In conjunction with the University of Hawaii at Hilo (UHH), Hawaiʻi Community College (HCC) and the Department of Education, TMT will form and sustain a Workforce Pipeline Program that will lead to a highly qualified pool of local workers.

  • Special emphasis will be given to those programs aimed at preparing local residents for science, engineering and technical positions commanding higher wages. This ensures a significant component in the Workforce Pipeline Program for higher education on the Island of Hawaii.
  • TMT will assign a dedicated manager to coordinate the Workforce Pipeline Program and work with organizations such as the University of Hawaii at Hilo, including its science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) programs; Hawaii Community College workforce programs that train, retrain and place employees in jobs; current observatories; and the Department of Education and charter schools.

TMT will participate in a County of Hawaii Workforce Investment Board initiative with the Maunakea Observatories to explore opportunities to use existing community resources, provide the observatories with a broader and stronger qualified local labor pool, and find and train candidates for career opportunities in the local astronomy enterprise.

Hawaii workforce pipeline and STEM support to date here.