Protesters Cloud TMT Discussion With False Claims, Threats

//Protesters Cloud TMT Discussion With False Claims, Threats

The now-approved Thirty Meter Telescope went through years of public listening sessions and hearings.

However, recent actions from TMT protesters make clear that they still cling to false, discredited claims about TMT. They also basically claim to speak for all Hawaiians when in fact they do not, while trying to intimidate those Hawaiians who support TMT.

For instance, as seen in the recent discussion of TMT’s valid National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System water permit, many protesters repeat the ever popular — and ever wrong — claim that the TMT will pollute the aquifer. Both contested case hearings (and common sense) show that TMT, a zero-waste building on top of a dry mountain 12 miles from the nearest wells, will have no impact on the island’s drinking water.

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