It is no coincidence that the ideal location on Earth in which to peer into the heavens is here in Hawaii, a place where science and spirituality have long been woven into the fabric of everyday culture. Maunakea is a symbol of that spirit – a celestial gateway that beckons the scientist and explorer in all of us, inspiring us to reach back through time to discover our shared, universal ancestry.
What Makes Maunakea So Special

Why Maunakea Is So Special for Scientists

The unique conditions and location make Maunakea an unequaled site for telescopes. It’s been said that the “best night” at other telescope locations is just an “average” night on Maunakea. And the “best nights” on Maunakea cannot be found anywhere in the world. In fact, following a rigorous five-year site testing campaign spanning the entire globe, the best conditions ever encountered were always at Maunakea.

What Makes the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) Unique

TMT will be three times as wide, with nine times more area, than the largest existing visible-light telescope in the world, delivering sharper and deeper images that simply are not possible with existing, or planned, ground based telescopes. As a result, astronomers will be able to see much fainter and more distant objects to study them in greater detail. This, in turn, will allow us to reach back 13 billion years to answer fundamental questions about the advent of the universe.

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