Don’t shirk your responsibility

//Don’t shirk your responsibility

Is it possible Mayor Harry Kim is applying for the Nobel Peace Prize? This possible extension of the truce is an over-the-top accommodation, and is for naught. This is an adventure in idiocy given Ms. Wong-Wilson’s comment that “she hopes the period can be extended, in order to give TMT officials more time to consider building elsewhere.”

The “elsewhere” embodies the underlying problem with Kim’s negotiations. The protesters talk about TMT moving to another locale, not reaching an agreement covering the cessation of their illegal occupancy of the mountain. It plainly is a matter of their way or the highway with no give allowed. No resolution is possible unless our elected officials, both county and state, execute their sworn obligation to follow the law and enforce the intent of the Supreme Court.

How about this Harry, forget Oslo and enforce the law — don’t shirk your responsibility!

Pete Webber, Kona

What compromise?

Isn’t it rich that Noe Noe Wong-Wilson says that she is in favor of extending the truce of starting construction another two months in order to give TMT officials more time to consider building elsewhere. It has always been obvious from the beginning of the access road blockade that the “protectors” would never accept the building of the TMT. So much for “compromise” on the part of the “protectors.”

Jay Moore, Waikoloa