//Hearing Update 1/4 – Dr Gary Sanders & Robert Rechtman second day of cross examination

1/4 – Dr Gary Sanders & Robert Rechtman second day of cross examination

On Day 21 of the contested case hearings in Hilo, TMT project manager Gary Sanders took the stand for a second day to discuss various aspects of the project.
Sanders, who oversees the design and construction of TMT, answered questions about mitigation measures for the construction and operation of the planned telescope on Maunakea.

One issue that came up during cross-examination was the use and storage of excavated material during the planned construction work of TMT.

“Because the material on Maunakea is considered different than the material off the mountain, we are only going to use excavated material from the TMT site to smooth out other portions of the TMT site and the access road,” he said. “We will not bring in external material, except for road repaving.”

The remainder of the excavated material will be stored at the site, with the same material to be used to restore the site when the TMT is eventually dismantled and removed at the end of its shelf life, he said.

During its planned operation, the TMT facility will include a zero-discharge wastewater system, with all wastewater generated at the observatory to be transported to an approved treatment facility off the mountain for proper treatment and disposal.

A prevention and control program for invasive species will also be implemented to include inspections and monitoring, along with washing and cleaning of vehicles and equipment that are transported up and down the mountain. There will also be materials storage, waste management and spill prevention/response programs in place during operation of TMT.

Sanders completed his cross-examination before lunchtime today, allowing archaeologist Robert Rechtman to re-take the witness stand to complete testimony that he had started in December before the holiday break.

Rechtman was contracted by TMT to conduct several archaeological reports, including a recent archaeological monitoring report and a field reconnaissance of the planned TMT site on Maunakea.

The hearings continue tomorrow at the Grand Naniloa Hotel with Dr. Heather Kaluna and Dr. Paul Coleman.