TMT Images

//TMT Images

Details of TMT

Figure 1 Page 6 James Haynes WDT

Figure 2 from page 8 of James Hayes’ written testimony

TMT compared to Subaru telescope

TMT as compared to other telescopes

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TMT Renderings

Enclosure exterior lower section

Enclosure exterior

Enclosure interior

Enclosure with all vents open

instrument layout

Instrument layout

laser guide star system

Laser guide star system

m3 prototype glass mirror

M3 prototype glass mirror

nasmyth platform

Nasmyth platform

primary mirror (m1)

Primary mirror (M1)

primary mirror rendering

Primary mirror rendering

primary segment assembly

Primary segment assembly

schematic of the TMT observatory

Schematic of the TMT observatory

secondary mirror

Secondary mirror

secondary mirror (m2)

Secondary mirror (m2)

segment support

Segment support

segment support

Segment support

telescope overview-close up

Telescope overview – close up

telescope overview-mount

Telescope overview – mount

telescope overview-moving mass

Telescope overview – moving mass

telescope overview-structure

Telescope overview – structure

telescope overview

Telescope overview

telescope servicing

Telescope servicing

telescope structure - front view

Telescope structure – front view

telescope structure

Telescope structure

tertiary mirror (m3) assembly

Tertiary mirror (m3) assembly

tmt-showing scale

TMT showing scale

The Segment Handling System (SHS) and it’s precision robotic hand, which traverses under the bridge

Aerial Service Platform (ASP) to Access M2 M3 + Elevator

1:20 Scale model of the Segment-Handling Robot. The six-arm drive mechanism as well as the checkered flag pattern of the vision sensor is finely reproduced. (Photo credit: National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)

1:20 scale model of the Segment Handling System (SHS) display at the good design exhibition. (Photo credit: National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)