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Meet the TMT team

Gordon and Scott share an update and a message of thanks for our supporters.

TMT staff Glen Cole and Christophe Dumas have a coffee-break conversation about Glen’s last trip to Japan and update on TMT mirrors fabrication and verification.

Today we meet with Professor Annapurni Subramaniam, Professor of Astronomy at the Indian Institute of Astrophysics. She is the Indian project manager for the TMT observatory Software development.

Dr Ravinder Bhatia, TMT Gerente de Proyecto Asociado, presenta una entrevista con Dr Gelys Trancho, Ingeniero Ejecutivo de Sistemas.

This month, meet TMT team with Dr Gelys Trancho, one of our Senior Systems Engineer at the project office in Pasadena.

Here is the next of our interviews with the team of TMT. Dr Fengchuan Liu is our Deputy Project Manager.

At TMT, I have the privilege of working with people from many different countries and different fields of expertise. Join me as we meet some of those colleagues, and learn more about what they are doing on TMT. We’ll also explore what recommendations they have for students looking at career options. We’ll start with one of our astronomers, Dr. Warren Skidmore.

BLNR Hearing

Closing arguments from PUEO’s legal team, during the Contested Case Hearing in Hilo

Closing arguments from TMT’s legal team, during the Contested Case Hearing in Hilo

CDUP Case Hearing Updates

Scott and Doug discuss what to expect in next week’s Supreme court case and recap what happened with the contested case, and other recent court case.

Scott and Doug discuss the upcoming hearing before the Hawaii Supreme Court on Thursday, March 15 regarding the consent to sublease issue. They also remember University of Hawaii astronomer and TMT supporter Dr. Paul Coleman, who passed away in January. For more information about funeral services for Paul or how you can assist the family, click the links below:

9-20 contested case update. Scott and Doug wrap up today’s hearing. Mahalo to everyone who’s supported the TMT project over the years. #ImuaTMT #WeSupportTMT #Mahalo

During last month’s state land board hearing in Hilo, we had the opportunity to chat with Dr. Michael Bolte, a member of TMT’s Board of Governors and Science Advisory Committee. Dr. Bolte talked about the potential scientific discoveries that the Thirty Meter Telescope could make, and how the general public already benefits from technological advances made by the astronomy industry.

In the last video of 2017, Doug and Scott recap the events of 2017 and touch on what to expect in 2018. Happy new year, and see you all in 2018.

August 2017 Contested Case Update

7/12/17 Here’s an update from Scott and Doug on what’s been happening lately with the Contested Case. #ImuaTMT #WeSupportTMT

4/5/17 Doug and Scott, discuss what’s been happening with the contested case since the end of oral arguments on March 2, and what to expect in the coming days and weeks. To learn more visit

3/2 – The End of Contested Case Evidentiary Phase

And the contested case hearings in Hilo are done.

After 44 days of evidentiary hearings involving 71 witnesses, the Hilo hearings regarding the CDUA Contested Case for the TMT project officially adjourned at 6:41 p.m. Thursday.

2/27 – A Focus On Water

The contested case hearing in Hilo reached the 40-day mark last week, and the end appears to be in sight.

As the hearing comes to a close, we continue to highlight some of the potential concerns that have come up during previous testimony. Today, we focus on water.

2/23 Catching up on the Contested Case

The contested case hearing in Hilo has reached the 40-day mark.
Since the hearing began in October, there have been 40 evidentiary hearings with more than 50 witnesses from both sides of the TMT debate completing their testimony and cross-examination.

2/22 – Bill Brown and Elroy Osorio Testify on Behalf of P.U.E.O.

Two of the witnesses belonged to the pro-TMT group Perpetuating Unique Educational Opportunities, or PUEO for short. Made up mainly of the Keaukaha Hawaiian Homestead residents in Hilo, the group is pushing for the advancement of Native Hawaiians in astronomy and other STEM-related fields.

2/21 – Richard Ha takes the stand for PUEO

Day 38 of the contested case hearings had a second member of the Native Hawaiian group PUEO testifying in support of the Thirty Meter Telescope project.

2/15 – PUEO President Keahi Warfield takes the stand

On Day 36 of the contested case hearing in Hilo, the first witness representing a Native Hawaiian group supportive of the Thirty Meter Telescope took the witness stand.

2/13 – Kimberly “Kealoha” Pisciotta take the stand

After a two-week break, the contested case hearings related to the TMT project resumed this week in Hilo.

Monday’s hearing at the Grand Naniloa Hotel had contested case petitioner and cultural practitioner Kimberly “Kealoha” Pisciotta take the stand on behalf of the TMT opponents.

1/31 – Petitioners E. Kalani Flores and Deborah Ward take the stand
Contested case petitioners E. Kalani Flores and Deborah Ward took the stand representing themselves. Both are part of group of petitioners who initiated the Hawaii Supreme Court appeal that led to the ongoing contested case hearings. Flores is a Hawai‘i Life Styles – Assistant Professor at Hawai‘i Community College. Deborah Ward served as a faculty member of the University of Hawaii Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management.

1/26 At the end of today’s proceedings, hearings officer Riki May Amano tentatively scheduled hearings for the remaining witnesses next month on Feb. 13-16, 21-23 and 27 and 28. It was unclear whether additional hearings would be needed past February.

Since officially beginning on October 20, the contested case hearings have gone through 31 days of proceedings and over 35 witnesses representing both sides of the debate on the Thirty Meter Telescope.

1/24 – Day 29 of the contested case hearings took place in Hilo today with witnesses for the TMT opponents continuing to testify.

1/23/17 – Scott and Doug discuss the issue of water/aquifer as it relates to the TMT project.

1/19/17 Scott talks to Dr Ed Stone about various aspects about the TMT.

1/12/17 – Day 26 of the contested case hearings had two witnesses take the stand on behalf of the TMT opponents: University of Hawaii Hawaiian Studies professor Jonathan Osorio and scientist Narissa Spies. Both Osorio and Spies were called to testify by KAHEA: The Environmental Alliance.

1/11/17 Much of today’s hearing focused on the “public trust doctrine,” a part of the Hawaii State Constitution that requires the State of Hawaii to hold public resources like Maunakea in trust for the benefit of the people.

1/10 – Witnesses for the TMT opponents take the stand Following the completion last week of the University of Hawaii’s and TMT’s expert witnesses, this week’s contested case hearings in Hilo featured witnesses representing parties opposing the Thirty Meter Telescope.

1/19/17 Scott recaps Day 23 of Contest Case Blog

1/5 – Native Hawaiian Astronomers Dr Heather Kaluna and Dr Paul Coleman takes the stand. Two local astronomers of Native Hawaiian ancestry testified at today’s contested case hearing in Hilo to show their support for the TMT project, as well as the connection between today’s astronomy and ancient Hawaiians.

1/4 – Dr Gary Sanders & Robert Rechtman second day of cross examination

On Day 21 of the contested case hearings in Hilo, TMT project manager Gary Sanders took the stand for a second day to discuss various aspects of the project.

1/3 – The contested case hearings resumed in Hilo today with the project manager for the planned Thirty Meter Telescope taking the witness stand.

Gary Sanders, who is responsible for managing the design and construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope, has been with the TMT Corporation since 2004. He has also been with the TMT International Observatory (TIO) since its formation in 2014, when the telescope’s global partners joined the organization.

12/20/16 On Day 19 of the contested case hearings in Hilo, the proceedings continued with a TMT-contracted archaeologist called to testify. Archaeologist Robert Rechtman was contracted by TMT to conduct several archaeological reports, including a recent archaeological monitoring report and a field reconnaissance of the planned TMT site on Maunakea.

TMT executive director Edward Stone traveled from California to testify as an expert witness on the Thirty Meter Telescope project. Along with talking about the scientific benefits, Stone briefly touched on the potential socioeconomic benefits related to employment and education by bringing the TMT project to Hawaii, through opportunities in training, education and jobs in STEM fields.

Day 17 of the hearings had two witnesses testifying, one from a legal perspective, the other cultural. David Callies, law professor at the University of Hawaii School of Law, discussed the public trust doctrine. And Native Hawaiian Naea Stevens, a graduate from the University of Hawaii-Hilo’s College of Hawaiian Language and has descendants from the Waimea area on Hawaii Island.

Scott recaps day 16 of the contested case hearings. Today hydrologist Tom Nance took the stand, a private hydrologist with 27 years of experience, reviewed the TMT project’s environmental impact statement regarding water, wastewater and drainage issues as related to the planned observatory. Read more here

Day 15 of the contested case hearings in Hilo had the head of the Office of Maunakea Management (OMKM) taking the stand for a second day of cross-examination.

Existing programs meant to preserve and protect the natural and cultural resources of Maunakea were the topic of discussion during Day 14 of the ongoing contested case hearings in Hilo.

Day 13 of the contested case hearings in Hilo had Fritz Klasner of the Office of Maunakea Management
(OMKM) take the stand. OMKM is the agency that oversees the natural and cultural resources of the
Maunakea Science Reserve.

Day 15 of the contested case hearings in Hilo had director Stephanie Nagata the head of the Office of Maunakea Management (OMKM) taking the stand for a second day of cross-examination.

A former judge and lawmaker took the stand on Day 11 of the contested case hearings to discuss measures put in place to maintain Maunakea’s resources and beauty. Retired state judge and former state legislator Walter Heen testified today in his role as the first director of the Office of Mauna Kea Management (OMKM).

Day 10 of the hearing completed cross-examination of expert witness Wally Ishibashi, with University of Hawaii-Manoa botany professor Clifford Smith taking the stand in the afternoon.

Scott recaps testimony from Wally Ishibashi’s, during the Contested Case Hearing in Hilo. A Native Hawaiian Wallace “Wally” Ishibashi Jr. is a Senior Cultural Advisor for the Office of Mauna Kea Management (OMKM) charged with managing approximately 12,000
acres of state-owned land on the mountain. During his testimony supporting the Thirty Meter Telescope, the Hawaii Island resident gave his reasons for determining that the astronomy facilities on Maunakea benefit the cultural practitioners from a logistical sense.

Day 8 of the contested case hearings in Hilo had two expert witnesses return to the stand to complete testimony in their areas of expertise. James Hayes retook the stand today to complete his cross-examination by other contested case parties. He is one of the authors of the TMT project’s Environmental Impact Statement. A second witness, Robert McLaren, also returned to testify on the University of Hawaii’s decommissioning plan or telescopes and future development on Maunakea.

Today in Hilo, on Day 7 of the contested case hearings, we heard from
Chad Kalepa Baybayan, captain and navigator of the Hawaiian voyaging
canoes Hokulea, Hawaiiloa and Hokualakai. A strong supporter of the TMT
project, he explained the importance of observing the stars by the ancient

Day Six of the contested case hearings in Hilo today had expert witness James Hayes taking the stand again to answer various questions about the TMT project’s Environmental Impact Statement.

During the fifth day of the contested case hearings in Hilo, Gunther Hasinger of the
University of Hawaii’s Institute for Astronomy took the stand to explain the scientific
benefits of the planned Thirty Meter Telescope on Maunakea and how it would shape
the future of the local astronomy industry.

At the contested case hearings today in Hilo, expert witness James Hayes took the stand for a second day to testify on the project’s environmental impact statement.

Scott and Doug recap Day 3 of the Contested Case, in which expert witness Jim Hayes gave testimony who prepared the environmental impact statement.

Day 2 of the contested case hearings involving the TMT project took place today in Hilo.

TMT legal counsel Douglas Ing gave a summary of today’s hearing and how the contested case process works.

The hearings continue tomorrow at 9 a.m. at the Grand Naniloa Hotel. Stay up-to-date on the hearings by regularly checking our blog.

Perry White, principal author of the Conversation District Use Permit application filed by the University of Hawaii for the TMT project, was first to testify. White explained that the Thirty Meter Telescope meets the eight major criteria regarding proposed land use in a state-designated Conservation District. This includes the permit application being consistent with the purpose of Conservation District rules, which “is to regulate and manage conservation land use, not prohibit or restrict land use,” he said.

Akamai Interns

Scott has a chat with Olivia Murray, UH student 2018-2019 Akamai intern. She talks about about how TMT funded programs like Akamai, ThinkFund, robotics programs among others has benefited her and other Hawaii island students.

Meet Elton, an #akamai intern working at Gemini Observatory. #ImuaTMT

Heather is an Akamai intern at Gemini in Hilo, she chats with Scott about what she’s learned and what she’s working on at Gemini.

Meet Elton, an #akamai intern working at Gemini Observatory. #ImuaTMT

Jennifer Chun, intern at Submillimeter Array, she chats with Scott about what she’s doing and what she’s learned while being an Akamai INtern.

We chat with Dallas Tada an intern at Gemini Observatory working on a database to categorize discoveries made from the observations at the telescopes.

We chat with Chris Stark, mentor to Elton Nakagawa and Dallas Tada about his experiences with Akamai Interns.

Meet Junhao, a local Hilo boy interning at Subaru Telescope who took part in #akamai2017. #ImuaTMT #WeSupportTMT

We end our Hilo series of #Akamai2017 interns with Katie who interned at the Subaru Telescope. Katie is from Maui, and she talks with Scott about what she’s learned, what she hopes to do in the future and why programs like the Akamai work force initiative are important for students like her. Thanks for watching, if you’d like to learn more, go to

Meet Daryl from Hilo, who interned at our #TMT HQ in Pasadena during the #akamai2017 summer internship season. We had a chance to talk story with him while he was on the mainland, and here’s what he learned, saw and did while he was there. #ImuaTMT #WeSupportTMT Isee Ucsc

University of Hawaii at Manoa student Akira from Honolulu, interned at our Pasadena HQ over the summer. His project was to optimize a ray tracing program. Hear what he learned, experienced… ate while he was in Pasadena. #AkamaiInternship #Intern #Akamai Isee Ucsc

In the last of our Pasadena videos, we meet #Akamai2017 Intern Reyn from Hilo. #ImuaTMT

Mahalo Event 2017

Scott chats with Mailani Neal at the TMT Mahalo event about what motivated her into getting into astronomy.

Scott speaks to Dwayne Mukai at the TMT Mahalo event about the history of astronomy industry on Hawaii Island.

Serena O’Neill, math teacher from Keaau High School talks with Scott at the TMT Mahalo Event, about how the THINK fund helps in her classroom and how STEM helps students prepare for the job market of the future.

Scott speaks to Jacqui Hoover, Executive Director of the Hawaii Island Economic Development Board at the TMT Mahalo event a few weeks ago.

STEM Robotics

The extended chat we had with Lenny Klompus founder of Friends of Hawai’i Robotics in March 2018 about the importance of STEM to students.

Scott chats with former Akamai Intern Amber Imai-Hong about the FIRST competition, encouraging students to get into STEM and what she’s been up to since we last spoke.

Kealakehe High School’s robotics team and STEM Academy held its 7th annual Ho‘ike event last week to recognize student members for their achievements and also raise money for the school program. Along with STEM-related skills, junior Maya Gee talked about other important skills learned by students as part of the programs co-sponsored by TMT through the THINK fund.

Kealakehe High School’s robotics team and STEM Academy held its annual end of school year Ho‘ike event last week. Kealakehe High science teacher Justin Brown discussed how the school’s STEM program was founded, and why sponsors like TMT and other donors are needed to keep it moving forward.

Interview with high school senior and robotics team member Ian Denzer on how the STEM program helped shape his interest in the STEM field.

We had a chance to talk with Justin Brown, mentor for the Kealakehe Robotics team about the issues the team had to overcome and how robotics/stem programs help prepare students for their futures.

Kealakehe High School freshman Shanen Arellano talked with us recently about what she learned during her first year with the school’s STEM Academy. TMT is proud to be a co-sponsor of the high school program that encourages students to enter science-related fields and careers.

We had a chance to stop by the Friends of Hawai’i Robotics 10th annual competition today and had a chat with Julia from Kealakehe Tiki Tech Team 3880 one of the teams we’re sponsoring via the #ThinkFund. Good luck team 3880! #ImuaTMT #FirstRobotics

Akamai Hana Hou 2018

Meet Keoki Massad, a Kamehameha graduate who is now doing a double major at the University of Portland. Scott had a chance to chat with him at the recent Akamai Hana Hou event in Hilo. Good luck with your second Akamai internship this summer at TMT Pasadena, Keoki.

At the recent Akamai internship hana hou in Hilo, we had a chance to catch up with Dr Heather Kaluna. She tells us what she’s been up to since we last spoke, she tells us about why the Akamai internship program is important to local students, and why she keeps coming back to help the next generation of students. #ImuaTMT #WeSupportTMT Isee Ucsc

We had a chat with former Akamai Intern Kimberly Oyama, about the importance of the Akamai program and how it’s helped her in her career. #ImuaTMT #WeSupportTMT

We caught up with Vernon Akira, at this years ISEE Telescope Workforce Initiative Akamai intern pau hana in Hilo. He’s returned for a second time to the internship and discusses with Scott what he’s learned thru the internship program.

Meet Maveric Abella a graduate of Kamehameha Schools Kapalama, she is currently studying Biomedical engineering at Columbia University in New York City.

Merging Science and Culture on Maunakea

Dale Olive, robotics teacher at Waiakea High School talks about preparing Hawaii students for the future

Paul Coleman talks about the Hawaii Island New Knowledge (THINK) Fund

Dale Olive, robotics teacher at Waiakea High School talks about knowledge and educational Excellence

Alexis Acohio and Kristin Kahaloa speak about pursuing passions and dreams in Hawaii.

Seeing to the Edge of the Universe

Investing in the Hawaii Island Community

Creating a Sustainable Workforce

Short Shareables

Dwayne Mukai speaks about the history of Astronomy on Hawaii Island

Dwayne Mukai speaks about his experiences growing up on Hawaii Island

Dwayne Mukai speaks about his son’s involvement in STEM

Jacqui from Hawaii Island Chamber of commerce talks about her support of TMT

Jacqui from Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce talks about the history of way finders

Jacqui from Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce talks about the history of Astronomy in Hawaii

Kristin Kahaloa speaks about Maunakea

Mailani Neal speaks about the historical study of astronomy in Hawaii

Peter Apo speaks about how Hawaiians at the forefront of many disciplines.

Peter Apo speaks about seeing back into the history of time and how he would like it to be done in Hawaii.