Multiplexed Fiber Spectroscopy with Keck & TMT

//Multiplexed Fiber Spectroscopy with Keck & TMT

Massively multiplexed fiber-based spectroscopic surveys such as MaNGA and eBOSS are continuing the SDSS legacy of exploring the Universe, while upcoming facilities such DESI and Subaru-PFS will push the boundaries of fiber spectroscopy to even higher redshifts and fainter sources. It is therefore an opportune time to consider this concept for the Keck and TMT Observatories, with >500 fiber multiplexed spectrographs currently being considered for both facilities.

The aim of this two-day workshop, co-organized by Lawrence Berkeley Lab, University of California Observatories, and the Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics, is to discuss the technical aspects of designing/building multiplexed fiber spectrographs as well as the scientific possibilities opened up by such instruments on >10m-aperture telescopes.

The feedback from this meeting will help drive the preliminary designs for the FOBOS and fiber-WFOS concepts on Keck and TMT, respectively.

Where: Lawrence Berkeley Lab, Berkeley, CA 
When: Jan 18-19, 2018

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