My Turn: Allow TMT to begin construction

//My Turn: Allow TMT to begin construction

I was disappointed, but not surprised to read that Mayor Harry Kim had asked for another two-month moratorium on the Thirty Meter Telescope.

He cannot be so naive as to believe that the protesters are going to compromise after their stonewalling tactics have been patently successful since last July. They don’t mind that they are holding up a very worthwhile project, that they are costing the taxpayers (most of whom want the project to go forward) many millions of dollars, that they are defying the courts and breaking the law (largely with impunity), and that they are fomenting racism and xenophobia.

There is no reason to think they are going to become more conciliatory during the next few months. During the last “cooling-off period,” the TMT held up their end of the bargain, but the protesters continued to announce they would never back down while instituting yet another frivolous and expensive court case. The mess they left on the mountain belies their claim to have environmental concerns about the mountain.

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