Stressed Mirror Polishing

//Stressed Mirror Polishing

“Wax on, wax off,” said Mr. Miyagi to The Karate Kid, to help the kid develop efficiency of movement, attention to detail, and grace—while also polishing Mr. Miyagi’s classic car.

What could this possibly have to do with TMT?  Elsewhere in this blog, I have talked about shipping glass from Japanese industry to the TMT teams across world that will polish that glass. Here I will describe how we’ve designed the mirror segments to have excellent optical performance, and particularly how we polish those segments in a repeatable, timely manner. It takes efficiency of movement, attention to detail, and grace.  These things are important because we need every mirror segment to perform at a high level without being cost-prohibitive to produce.  Just as Einstein’s work on general relativity showed time and space to be intimately linked, so project management views time and cost as being intimately linked.  Building an observatory like TMT is expensive, of course, so we must use the funds we have carefully.

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