The Kahuna of Mo‘okini

//The Kahuna of Mo‘okini


But being inclusive doesn’t mean that Leimomi shies from controversy. Even if she’s not the gun-toting policewoman of her younger days, she’s still feisty and assertive. She is often an iconoclast, and that can put her at odds with others. She is currently a vocal supporter of the Thirty-Meter Telescope that has been approved for construction on the summit of Mauna Kea. The project is being fought by a segment of the Hawaiian community that considers it a desecration of a sacred site. Momi disagrees. “I believe totally in getting the new telescope built on Mauna Kea,” she says. “Our ancestors studied the heavens. Now a new generation of Hawaiians can have the opportunity to advance what they discovered. A telescope that can accomplish this maintains the sacredness of the mountain. With this and in other ways, we need to be open to the future to carry us forward to the many tomorrows yet to come.”

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