TMT protesters don’t speak for all Hawaiians

//TMT protesters don’t speak for all Hawaiians

The construction delay of the Thirty Meter Telescope continues because protesters want us to believe Mauna Kea is sacred and that they have a cultural and spiritual need to practice their faith up there.

The truth is Mauna Kea is not sacred and what they are practicing has nothing to do with Native Hawaiians. In 1819, according to our history books, King Kamehameha II ordered god images burned and heiau destroyed on all the islands, thus ending the killing of Hawaiians for sinning (breaking the kapu). Moreover, there has never been a church practicing a Hawaiian religion.

These protesters do not have the right or the authority to speak for all of us Hawaiians. Protesters also have been an embarrassment to Hawaiians by their unjustified actions.

Gov. David Ige should treat them as he would any lawbreaker by imposing the consequences of their actions.
Bill Punini Prescott, Nanakuli

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