//TMT Should Be Embraced As Culmination Of Hawaiian Culture

TMT Should Be Embraced As Culmination Of Hawaiian Culture

“Some people have said that the groups that support the Thirty Meter Telescope project and the groups opposed to it are talking past each other, making arguments that don’t consider each other’s valid points. I’d like to take a moment to respond to some criticism that the proponents of TMT aren’t listening to the concerns of the opposition or are disrespectful of Hawaiian culture.

My understanding is that Mauna Kea — like all of the mountains, valleys, plains and land of Hawaii — is sacred to the Hawaiian people. On a very basic level, all of the aina was and still is sacred. Starkly opposed to this mindset, European-based Western civilization is characterized by an arrogant disregard for the beauty of nature, and it is this mindset that has led to the desecration of much of the aina with thoughtless concrete monstrosities.”

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